Wanna sneak peek? Kajabi Encore beta review

beta kajabi encore Oct 27, 2020

For quite a while, most Kajabi site owners bemoaned the fact that the pages located under "Website - Design" were truly lacking the flexibility to customize them. Well, now the Encore beta is available to some and will soon be released to everyone.

So, what's different about using the Encore theme for your home page, Blog, Library, Store, etc? Join me on Thursday at 11 am Pacific time to see if all first hand!

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Do I need a separate tool for my checkout if I'm using Kajabi?

kajabi checkout Oct 27, 2020

After a problem last week with the Kajabi checkout process (which has been rolled back) many Kajabi users were understandably upset and questioned if they needed to pay for another tool to increase conversions.

My answer (as per usual) is "it depends". While you know that I am a die hard Kajabi fan, and I know for a fact there are MANY Kajabi users who have made multiple 6 figures and some have made MILLIONS, using the Kajabi checkout, I also want to be sure to show you some options IF you have a use case that I will discuss during this Live

Join me at 10 am Pacific time to discuss all things Cart and Checkout!

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Creating a Community: New Options for Getting Off Facebook

kajabi community Oct 27, 2020

People are craving a community to call their own even more now. It's interesting to see the increase in new platforms that are offering the option to create communities on their platform AWAY from Facebook. Join me as I show you some of the latest options and help you decide what's best for you!

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Using Video to Create Connection and Engagement


We have heard for years that the future of marketing is video. It's the reason that Google bought YouTube in 2006 (talk about being ahead of the curve!) and that TikTok and Instagram Reels are blowing up social media. But what if the thought of going live on Facebook terrifies you? How about starting in small, but highly effective ways to interact one on one? I'm going to show you how!

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New Kajabi Releases

kajabi kajabi update Oct 27, 2020

You may have seen a message in your Kajabi dashboard announcing some new updates. What does that mean for your business? Here's a quick overview.

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How does Kajabi compare to other products?


Have you ever wondered how Kajabi's design and feel compared to other products? Well, you've gone to the right place. Watch the video to know more...

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Kajabi Mobile App Update!

kajabi mobile app Oct 27, 2020

In this video I will show you the latest update to the Kajabi Mobile app. Didn't know that there was such a thing? Well, there is, at no extra cost to you! Make sure you follow my suggestions to customize your mobile version of your Library and Products

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Saving Time And Automating Your Business With Zapier!

automations kajabi May 28, 2020
On this week’s episode, I thought I would keep the theme of connection going by talking about..
....using Zapier to connect Kajabi to TONS of other apps and automate your workflow!!
Zapier is a tool (with a free version) that helps to connect apps together and create automated functions that save you time and headaches when working with different apps that don’t have built in integrations with each other.
I’ll share with you some of my favorite “Zaps” that help to make my life easier with Kajabi.
Join me live!
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Creating Community

kajabi community May 22, 2020

When you see the same question three times in one day (and in three different groups!) you know it's a great topic for a Facebook Live!

Join me as I discuss how to create a Community for your course or membership OUTSIDE of Facebook. I'll show you the Kajabi Community product and talk about whether it is right for your community.

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The 3 Things You Should Know How to Do Before You Hire it Out

kajabi May 14, 2020

We all want to become the "digital CEO" and aspire to have a team like our favorite online influencers, but, remember, they all started much the same way we did. So, while building a team is important when scaling your business, here are the three things I believe you MUST learn to do yourself BEFORE you hire someone to do it for you.

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