Ask Me Anything!

funnels kajabi pipelines Mar 26, 2020

This week's episode will be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Facebook Live! Wondering how to launch your Freebie Pipeline, create an offer or make a cool countdown timer image (like the one I am now using)?

Just show up Live on Thursday at 11 AM Pacific Time or post your question below and I'll answer it for you. Click the Get Reminder button below to get notified when I go Live. See you then!

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Building Successful Funnels

funnels kajabi pipelines Mar 12, 2020

This month on Simple Steps to Online Success our topic is funnel building and Kajabi Pipelines. What is the difference between a funnel that coverts and one that creates the sound of a thousand crickets chirping?

You’ll be surprised to know that there are usually only 3 reasons why people don’t opt in for your freebie, register for your webinars, or don’t purchase your offer.

Join me this Thursday at 11:00AM Pacific Time where I’ll share the reasons why your funnels aren’t converting and what you can do to go from zero to #Kajabihero in no time!

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Fun with Funnels!

funnels kajabi pipelines Mar 05, 2020

One of the foundations of online marketing is the concept of creating marketing funnels. A marketing funnel is a way to visualize the customer journey from initial awareness of your business, all the way through conversion.

The sales funnel provides a useful framework through which you can analyze your business and identify areas for improvement.

Kajabi makes it easy to create all the assets for a variety of funnels through their Pipelines, all with just a click.

Join me this Thursday for Simple Steps to Online Success for an overview of the concepts of funnel building and how Kajabi Pipelines make it easy to plan, build and execute a number of different types of funnels.

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How to Use a Third Party Email or Marketing Automation System with Kajabi?


Over the past few weeks, I’ve demonstrated Kajabi’s new email editor and presented an analysis of the differences between using the new visual editor and the classic (plain text) editor.

For now, I am sticking with Kajabi and the Classic editor for my plain text emails. Although, I may be doing some test, since I have accounts with both Active Campaign and ConvertKit.

Don’t worry, I’ll report back my findings!

However, I DO know that there are many who have their email lists with third party tools like Convertkit, Active Campaign and Mail Chimp. This week on Simple Steps to Online Success, I’ll talk about the key things to be aware of when using a third party email/marketing automation system with Kajabi.

• The key decisions when choosing which service to use
• Using Kajabi forms and landing pages and automations in third parties.
• Managing tags and segments in your third party email services
• What to do once an email subscriber...

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Ask Me Anything!

kajabi Feb 25, 2020

I’ve decided that this week’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success will be an “Ask Me Anything” day!

Yes, that means that you can ask any question regarding Kajabi, course creation, membership sites and the tech and marketing strategies and tactics involved in all the above.

Have a burning question about Pipelines?
Need to have an idea of how to get started with Kajabi?
Curious about how you could use ConvertKit or Active Campaign with Kajabi?
What’s the best way to set up a new subscriber email sequence?
Need ideas for a new freebie?

Let me know!

Can’t make it Live? Well, just click the link below to go to the scheduled post and post your question now. I’ll answer it Live on Thursday at 11 am Pacific!

See you then!

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Exploring Email Marketing

kajabi Feb 13, 2020

Join me this Thursday on Simple Steps to Online Success when we further explore email marketing.

As you probably remember from last week’s episode, we talked about Kajabi’s new email editor and the potential impact on deliverability vs text only emails.
In this week’s episode, I’ll share:

- Why I deleted 25% of my email list and what happened next
- My test of Kajabi email deliverability, using the new editor vs text only email
  and the results
- How to NOT get your emails sent to your recipients’ spam folders
- Why testing your email strategy is your key to long term success

Join me this week!

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Kajabi’s New Email Editor

email marketing kajabi Feb 06, 2020

On Wednesday, Kajabi publicly launched the new email editor for creating customizable templates for email broadcasts. While I have been a beta tester for quite a while, the big surprise was that there also were 18 or so beautifully designed templates created for us.

Join me while I will do a detailed demo of the new editor, plus cover some of the myths about email marketing that Kajabi covered during the reveal!

I’ll also include some of my best tips for “good list hygiene” and how to manage your list to ensure good deliverability and loyal readers.

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What should my course or membership site look like?

kajabi Jan 30, 2020

Looking for some inspiration on creating your course or membership product in Kajabi? Let’s take a Behind the Scenes peek into the product themes and structure of other course or membership site creators, so you can gather some ideas on how you’ll wow your students and members!

In this video, I'll cover:

  • An overview of using Product Themes in Kajabi
  • How you can test and "try on" different themes without affecting your current Product
  • A look at the Product themes and layout of Amy Porterfield and James Wedmore's courses
  • Why I decided to use the Momentum theme in Kajabi after all
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Looking for Inspiration? A Review of Kajabi Sites

kajabi Jan 23, 2020

This episode came about when members of my paid membership asked about reviewing existing Kajabi sites for inspiration. I thought I would share a few examples of public facing websites and blogs. I WAS hoping to include some back-end course and membership site programs, but, alas, the tech gremlins (AKA as my Internet connection) conspired to make that not possible today! Looks like content for another episode!

Links to the sites reviewed in this episode:
Website built using the new Kajabi Pages and an amazing blog index page:…

Other blog pages highlighting written content and podcasts: - podcast episodes on a landing page and using embedded LIbsyn player and Accordian section for show notes - embedded podcast player in Announcement bar (custom coded by developer Avadhesh Yadav ...

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Four Ways to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

email marketing video Jan 09, 2020

Link to my video on how I use Bonjoro:

Link to Bonjoro:

Link to BombBomb:

Link to GIPHY:

Link to Canva:

Link to

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