Creating a Lead Generating Challenge - Free or Paid?


Just scrolling through my newsfeed and my email inbox I see:

  • Conquer Cold Traffic with this 5 Day Challenge
  • The 28-day Minimalist Challenge
  • 5 Day Ads Challenge
  • Five in Five Guest Podcast Challenge

It seems that everybody loves a challenge!

You may have thought of creating a challenge in your business, either as a lead generation or as a lead-in to a launch.

And, now there is a new twist on Challenges which is to actually CHARGE for it!

Wait, what?!

Can you actually charge while building your list?

We’ll talk about it Thursday at 11 am, PST and you’ll learn:

  • How to decide if you should charge for your challenge
  • How to decide if you should come up with a VIP option
  • How to deliver your Challenge content in Kajabi

I challenge you to show up live and ask your questions live!

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