Planning on running Facebook ads? You need to do these 3 things first!

facebook ads May 20, 2021

The wailing sound you hear echoing through Facebook is the sound of course and membership site creators who are struggling to run Facebook Ads these days.

Yeah, it’s that bad…

However, I CAN help with the front-end verification process (aka as Facebook making us jump through hoops) to verify your Kajabi site so you CAN run Facebook Ads.

(Sorry, I can’t help you with that last part)

Join me this Thursday, May 20th at 11 AM Pacific where I’ll walk you through the steps to getting your site setup to run Facebook Ads.

•Setting up your custom domain (or a sub-domain) on Kajabi (required if you want to run ads to a Kajabi website, landing page, etc)
•Finding and adding your Facebook Pixel to your Kajabi site
•Verifying your domain on Facebook - required
•Setting up your standard events for tracking
•Adding the Facebook Access token to your Kajabi site (new, and not available in all accounts yet) highly recommended

I’ll break it all down for...

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