Going SLO - What's a SLO and how can it work in my business?


Everybody likes tiny things. They’re cute, convenient, and can fit in wherever you need.

Perhaps that’s the apparently sudden marketing trend called (variously) tiny offers, mini offers, pocket offers, or the technical term SLO’s ( Self Liquidating Offers meaning that they are intended as a lead generation strategy that generates revenue to cover the costs of any advertising)

Don’t tell me that you haven’t been pulled in by these things!

Oh, wait. Just me?

The Challenge Launch Toolkit just $27. Are you kidding me? Yes!

Oh, and an upsell for $37 for the Product Outline Playbook & Simple Salespage Workbook?

Man, that sounds like a great idea!

And my absolute favorite meta offer, $37 for a workshop on how to create and sell mini workshops.


On Thursday’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success, we’ll talk about the strategy behind SLO’s why they are so popular again, and whether an SLO is a good idea for you to add to your product...

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