AMA: Memberships/Tribe Launch


Last week’s Simple Steps to Online Success was supposed to be an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) episode for all of you who are on the fence about joining Stu McLaren’s TRIBE course OR thinking about membership sites in general.

Unfortunately, my local utility company had other ideas.

Five minutes before showtime and POOF! My electricity went out, along with 7,000 other households and any local Starbucks within a few miles.

Thank you, PG&E!

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It’s AMA Day - Ask me Anything!

ama ask me anything Mar 11, 2021

On Thursday at 10 am Pacific, Kajabi is announcing some of the recent updates to the platform from the current London development cycle.

I’ll be giving you the highlights of the announcement NEXT week, as soon as I have a chance to review and test them for you!

So, for this week, let’s do something different! It will be an AMA Thursday where you can ask me anything at all about Kajabi or digital course or memberships creation and marketing.

Here are some common questions that tend to come up (and the third one is an especially timely one right now!)

What is the #1 most asked question from people using Kajabi?
Why should I use Cloudflare to set up my custom domain?
How do I verify my domain so I can use it for my Facebook Ads?

Wait, why do I need to verify my domain?!

I’m glad you asked.

If you plan on running Facebook Ads in the future you NEED to verify the domain where you will be sending people (landing pages, checkout pages, etc.)

And, you can’t do that if...

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