Let's talk about Stu McLaren's Live Workshop

membership sites Apr 30, 2020

On this week’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success we will review the value bombs that Stu McLaren has been dropping during his live workshop training.
I’d love to hear your takeaways, ah ha’s and any questions that you have about the topics that Stu has covered over the past few days.

So, c’mon and share your thoughts on the following:

• The different types of membership sites. Which makes the most sense for  your business?
• The secret segment revealed: What is a Founding Member Launch?
• Do you “buy” the 4 reasons people really buy?
• Why do YOU think a Success Path so key to membership site success?

I’ll share my biggest takeaway, also and why I am dedicating this Friday to something that’s been long overdue in my membership.

If for any reason you HAVEN’T signed up for the workshop, you can sign up, watch the replays of Videos 1 and 2 and then Video 3 on Thursday at 12 PM Pacific/3 PM...

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Content Creation Tools for Membership Sites

membership sites Apr 16, 2020

In last week’s episode, I discussed the many types and options for delivering your monthly content for your membership site.

This week I’ll share some of my favorite tools to actual develop and create your content for your membership: 

  1. An assortment of content creation tools from free to paid, that makes creating your content easy
  2. My secret weapon for making video content easily consumed by your members AND reduces support questions

If you missed my previous episodes on Membership Sites you can find them here:

  1. What Tech Do You REALLY Need to Build Your Course or Membership?
  2. Membership Site Content Strategy
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How to Use Kajabi for Your Membership Site

kajabi membership sites Apr 15, 2019

Is Kajabi a good choice for a membership site and how should you set up your content? With the increasing market for subscription and continuity programs, I'll cover how your Kajabi site can provide the platform for content AND community for your members.

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