Membership Site Content Strategy

kajabi membership sites Apr 10, 2020


(I'm participating in an all day Implementation Workshop with Stu McLaren on Thursday)

This month I am focusing on talking about all things MEMBERSHIP SITES!

The reason is three-fold:

  •  In these challenging times, a membership site is the easiest business model to get up and running quickly!
  • People are looking for things to do, learn and be entertained by, so there has never been a better time to consider how a membership site might fit in your business
  • One of my favorite people, Stu McLaren, is getting ready to launch his signature course, TRIBE, which is all about creating recurring revenue through membership sites!

This week’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success is all about Your Membership Site Content Strategy.

I’ll be covering:

  • Why a membership site is the easiest thing to get started FAST!
  • The difference between course content and membership content
  • Why you DON’T need to create a ton of content NOR get on a “content treadmill” to    constantly deliver new content.
  • How you can deliver your members’ content through Kajabi

As I mentioned above, Stu McLaren is launching his course TRIBE started with a series of 3 free workshops, beginning in April 23rd. I HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of this free training to learn more about membership sites. His free content is amazing, and the Tribe course is unlike any course I have ever taken

And, yes I am an affiliate so, keep your eyes out for some special bonuses that I will be offering if you decide to join me in tribe 2020!


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