The Best Way to Use Searchie and Kajabi (together)

kajabi searchie Nov 12, 2021
I frequently see questions about the best way to use Searchie with Kajabi (or vice versa).
Join me this Thursday at 11 am, Pacific where I’ll answer some of the most common questions about these two great tools (that work great together, IMHO)
•Why do I need Searchie if I already have Kajabi?
•Why do I need Kajabi if I already have Searchie?
•How can I use Searchie and Kajabi together? (my favorite question!)
Did you know that Searchie has made some exciting updates to their Hubs? Yes, I’ll show you that too!
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Is it time to kiss Facebook goodbye?

community facebook Nov 05, 2021
This week I am going to tackle the growing wave of digital entrepreneurs who are kissing Facebook goodbye and moving on to other community platforms.
After last week’s “Metaverse” announcement from Facebook, I am hearing more and more rumblings and announcements of companies moving on down the road and taking their communities with them.
This Thursday I’ll cover:
  • Who is leaving Facebook and why.
  • What does this mean for other community owners and what should you consider
  • A look at Circle, which has recently added exciting new features that community builders should get excited about
For the near future, my community, the Kajabi Kickstart will stay on Facebook, but, who knows?
Want to join me? Just join at
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Kajabi Coaching and get your Black Friday deal ready fast!

kajabi Oct 29, 2021
In this week’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success, I’ll be covering two different topics that can help you hit those Q4 goals
Kajabi launched their new coaching product on November 20th. I had early access to this and have mixed emotions about it. Join me and I will show you how I have set it up so far, the pros, the cons, and why it might not actually be the right solution for some coaching programs
Also, did you realize that it’s just about 30 days until Black Friday? Have you always wanted to create something for Black Friday to take advantage of those bargain-hungry shoppers on the Internet?
Well, what if you could learn how to create a mini-workshop and get it ready to sell in less than 2 weeks?
Just check out the Launch it Challenge from Justin and Sarah from Wake Up to Freedom. The Challenge runs from November 1st through the 12th and is perfect for...
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Creating Community for Online Entrepreneurs

community Sep 16, 2021
There’s an African proverb that says: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
The idea is that collaboration and community support can help you go farther, even if you can move faster on your own.
Nothing makes this clearer than the opportunity to become part of a community of other digital course and membership site entrepreneurs.
In this week’s Simple Steps to Online Success, I’ll share some stories about how creating a community has made a difference in the lives of Kajabi creators.
Learn how:
•Why being an online entrepreneur does not have to be a lonely experience
•How collaborations with people from outside your industry/niche can provide eye-opening value
•How to find a community to help support you, especially at your specific season of business
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Do YOU really need a Kajabi coach?

coach kajabi Sep 09, 2021
I often see new Kajabi users posting in the official Facebook group because they are struggling to figure out how to get started.
With over 27,000 people in the group, it’s not hard to imagine that there are many more who never post and simply struggle in silence and frustration.
But, like many things in life, it could be super helpful to have a coach. Someone to help guide, support, and cheer you on.
Is there really such a thing as a Kajabi coach and do I really need one?
In this week’s Facebook Live, we’ll discuss:
  • The single biggest reason many people struggle to get started with Kajabi
  • Why “hiring it out” won’t necessarily solve the problem
  • How working with a coach can bring clarity and progress fast!
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The Single Biggest Reason Your Product Doesn’t Sell

sales Sep 02, 2021

You put your blood, sweat and tears into creating your digital products, load the content into Kajabi, and proudly launch it to the world…

And, there’s crickets…

Your mind  jumps to possible reasons…

“My Facebook ads didn’t work!!”

“Why doesn’t anybody want this?!”

“It’s Kajabi’s fault! It’s a terrible platform!!!”

If you just take a step back, and assess the problem objectively, the answer is usually as clear as rain.

You didn’t have the right STRATEGY in place.

What does that mean exactly and how can you avoid the dreaded chirp, chirp, chirp of crickets when you launch?

Let's find out:

  • How creating your course FIRST is a big mistake
  • The single biggest reason your product doesn’t sell
  • How two simple tools can save you hours of frustration and disappointment
  • The truth that the marketing “gurus” are not telling you
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Have the Best of Both Worlds: Use Kajabi & Searchie Together

kajabi searchie Aug 19, 2021
I have seen a lot of conversation in multiple groups about people claiming that they were going to use Searchie “for everything” (website, landing pages. etc) or that they were going to “dump” Kajabi for Searchie.
Now, I know not everyone has an unlimited budget for their tech, but I think it’s time for some real talk about what each of these platforms actually DOES, what they do well and where they fall short.
Join me to learn:
•The 5 functions that your tech needs to address
•Why you need to look at Searchie as two products
•The differences between Kajabi and Searchie and how they can work together
•How utilizing both tools together gives you the best of both worlds and your customers an upgraded experience.
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Google Analytics and Hotjar

Have you ever wondered what your website visitors think and do when they visit your website? How about if you could peek over the shoulder of someone visiting your sales page, and find out what parts of the page and messaging capture their attention (or what they completely skip over and ignore)?
In this week’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success, I am going to share two (FREE!) tools that you can use to find out what on your website or sales page captures a visitor’s attention or, seemingly, doesn’t make any impact at all.
I’ll also show you exactly how to interpret the results, so you can make any changes necessary to improve the session duration on your website and improve the conversations on your sales pages.
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New Kajabi updates/Kajabi promotion

kajabi Jul 08, 2021
It's hard to keep up, isn’t it?
Kajabi keeps releasing new updates and enhancements to its platform.
For example, this Thursday they will be releasing THREE new awesome updates to their product setup.
I happen to already know what they are. That’s what you get for staying tuned into what’s going on!
But, that’s what you have me for!
So this Thursday, right after Kajabi announces the updates, join me for the breakdown and answer the question, “What does this mean for me?”
I’ll also be announcing a very special offer for any of you considering signing up for Kajabi. It’s guaranteed to get you started not only at a reduced price, but also give you the support you need to give you the kickstart towards building your business!
Will I see you here?
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Video Ask

videoask Jul 01, 2021
What if you could engage in a conversation with anyone visiting your website or landing on your sales page?
Despite our best efforts at writing compelling and highly converting copy, there are bound to be questions and requests for clarifications that come up.
So, engaging in a real dialogue with visitors to help to answer their specific questions is a great boost towards creating engagement and making sales!
For my recent Flash sale launch of my membership, I used a tool that I have mentioned before, VideoAsk, not only on my sales page but also in an email sent to the launch list.
In this week’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success, I will share my recent experience with VideoAsk and share
•How I used it on a sales page to engage in a back and forth conversation with a potential member, to help clarify how the membership could help him
•How embedding it in an email also offered a great opportunity to create connections with people on the launch list
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