Harnessing AI Technology to Streamline Online Course Businesses

ai tools Jan 02, 2023

 The use of AI technology is on the rise and it is now possible to use AI tools like Jasper and Chat GPT to come up with content ideas such as copy and video scripts. However, these tools should not be used to directly publish content. Additionally, AI tools come in various forms, cost different amounts and offer different services. AI copywriting tools are particularly popular among online course businesses. Two of the most well-known tools used for this purpose are Chatbot GPT and Canva Magic Write. Chatbot GPT provides a more detailed outline, while Canva Magic Write offers a shorter but helpful overview.

In this video, I use a real example of creating content about Automations for Course Creators using Jasper.ai, ChatGPT and Canva's Magic Write. See which version you prefer!


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