Kajabi Coaching and get your Black Friday deal ready fast!

kajabi Oct 29, 2021
In this week’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success, I’ll be covering two different topics that can help you hit those Q4 goals
Kajabi launched their new coaching product on November 20th. I had early access to this and have mixed emotions about it. Join me and I will show you how I have set it up so far, the pros, the cons, and why it might not actually be the right solution for some coaching programs
Also, did you realize that it’s just about 30 days until Black Friday? Have you always wanted to create something for Black Friday to take advantage of those bargain-hungry shoppers on the Internet?
Well, what if you could learn how to create a mini-workshop and get it ready to sell in less than 2 weeks?
Just check out the Launch it Challenge https://www.wakeuptofreedom.com/a/2147498684/UHjunA77 from Justin and Sarah from Wake Up to Freedom. The Challenge runs from November 1st through the 12th and is perfect for lighting a fire under you to get that mini-workshop out there (no overthinking allowed!)

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