Matching Your Offers to Your Customer's Journey

offers products Jun 03, 2021

This topic came as a request from one of the members of my free Facebook Group, the Kajabi Kickstart.

Our prospects all progress through a journey on their way to becoming a customer. Too often we try to jump ahead and sell to them before they are ready. Or, our offers fall flat because they are not meeting their needs at the moment.

So, how can you be sure to position your offers to meet them where they are AND maximize your lifetime revenue by offering them the right product at the right time?

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The New Kajabi Product Creation Screen: What You Need to Know


Change is hard. We all know that.

Even if the change may ultimately help you to work faster and be productive, getting past the initial shock (“where the hell did all my content go?!?!”) is tough.

Kajabi recently updated the Products screen across all accounts (I’ve had it for a while) and there has been a lot of confusion.

One of my members in the Kajabi Flight Crew Club frantically posted in our group when she went into her newest course to tweak a few things before her new students started on Monday

Suddenly what had been easy and familiar was suddenly totally confusing.

The only constant is change, right?

So, this week, I’ll break it down for you and hopefully help you feel more comfortable with this update and show you some tricks to maximize your productivity when uploading your content

See you then!

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Planning on running Facebook ads? You need to do these 3 things first!

Uncategorized May 20, 2021

The wailing sound you hear echoing through Facebook is the sound of course and membership site creators who are struggling to run Facebook Ads these days.

Yeah, it’s that bad…

However, I CAN help with the front-end verification process (aka as Facebook making us jump through hoops) to verify your Kajabi site so you CAN run Facebook Ads.

(Sorry, I can’t help you with that last part)

Join me this Thursday, May 20th at 11 AM Pacific where I’ll walk you through the steps to getting your site setup to run Facebook Ads.

•Setting up your custom domain (or a sub-domain) on Kajabi (required if you want to run ads to a Kajabi website, landing page, etc)
•Finding and adding your Facebook Pixel to your Kajabi site
•Verifying your domain on Facebook - required
•Setting up your standard events for tracking
•Adding the Facebook Access token to your Kajabi site (new, and not available in all accounts yet) highly recommended

I’ll break it all down for...

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It’s that time again! Kajabi Updates Recap


Time flies when you’re having fun. Yes, it’s time for the latest updates to the Kajabi platform!

The most recent development cycle, code-named “Toronto” has delivered some long-awaited enhancements to the Kajabi platform.

And, if you’re really good, I can also give you a sneak peek at some other new features that I have received early access to!

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AMA: Memberships/Tribe Launch


Last week’s Simple Steps to Online Success was supposed to be an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) episode for all of you who are on the fence about joining Stu McLaren’s TRIBE course OR thinking about membership sites in general.

Unfortunately, my local utility company had other ideas.

Five minutes before showtime and POOF! My electricity went out, along with 7,000 other households and any local Starbucks within a few miles.

Thank you, PG&E!

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Sign up for Stu’s workshop

On this week’s episode of “Simple Steps to Online Success” we’ll continue to talk about creating a membership site for your online business.
Over the past couple of weeks, I have covered whether a membership model might be the right choice for your business and what type of content should go in your membership.
But now we must address the elephant in the room…
The dreaded “T” word…
Tech 😱😱😱
“Deanna, that’s great! A membership sounds like a great fit for my business, but, what do I NEED to have a membership site?”
As with all things tech, the answer is “it depends”.
(Yeah, I realize that you may hate that answer. But it’s true)
To start with, you really may not need much at all.
Join me when we discuss your blueprint to a successful membership site
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What Type of Content Goes in a Membership?

content membership Apr 08, 2021

One of the biggest concerns most people have about creating a membership site is CONTENT.

They fear getting on the “content hamster wheel” and see a membership site as an obligation to create more and more content.

Would you believe me if I told you that it really does not have to be that way?

Membership sites are not like courses (although sometimes you could have a course in a membership).

My membership mentor, Stu McLaren has a saying that applies perfectly here:

“What if it could be easy? What would that look like?”

There are different types of memberships, which I will cover as well, so your content deliverables may be different.

Join me as we design your ideal content strategy by asking the question “What if it could be easy?”

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Course or membership? What's the right choice for you?

As you create your digital products business, you may be pondering this question:
“Should I create a digital COURSE or a MEMBERSHIP?”
While similar (they both deliver educational content) the structure and strategy behind them can be quite different.
On this week’s Simple Steps to Online Success Live, I’ll review the pros and cons of each type of offering, along with ideas on how to implement BOTH in your business.
See you then!
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Keeping it Clean: Kajabi implements new form process

kajabi recaptcha Mar 25, 2021
You’ve been told that the “money is in the list”, which is why you focus on building an engaged and constantly growing email list, right?


Well, what if that growing list also contains some bad email addresses? Ones that were submitted through one of your opt-in forms without you even knowing?

That would be bad.

Unfortunately, like so many things on the web, a few bad actors have messed things up for the rest of us!

It’s called “list bombing” and it could be affecting your email deliverability.

To combat this, Kajabi is implementing a somewhat controversial process that has been around a long time and is hated by list owners and list subscribers alike:

The Recaptcha!

Now, before you freak out, like many people already have in the Kajabi group, let’s understand WHY this is happening, HOW Recaptcha is designed to work and WHAT you could do instead.


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Overview of Kajabi’s London Development Cycle


Last week Kajabi announced updates that were part of the most recent development cycle, code named “London”

(In case you’re new, Kajabi has 6 to 8 week development cycles where they crank out product updates and new features)

This Thursday, I’ll be doing another recap of the most recent updates including:

-The hidden toggle button that will unlock new features for you to play with
-Two new website themes for more “corporate” and “coaching” businesses
-Great news coming for Kajabi owners using the new Website Builder
-If you have audio content as part of your courses or memberships, you’ll be very excited!

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