Video Ask

videoask Jul 01, 2021
What if you could engage in a conversation with anyone visiting your website or landing on your sales page?
Despite our best efforts at writing compelling and highly converting copy, there are bound to be questions and requests for clarifications that come up.
So, engaging in a real dialogue with visitors to help to answer their specific questions is a great boost towards creating engagement and making sales!
For my recent Flash sale launch of my membership, I used a tool that I have mentioned before, VideoAsk, not only on my sales page but also in an email sent to the launch list.
In this week’s episode of Simple Steps to Online Success, I will share my recent experience with VideoAsk and share
•How I used it on a sales page to engage in a back and forth conversation with a potential member, to help clarify how the membership could help him
•How embedding it in an email also offered a great opportunity to create connections with people on the launch list
•How using VideoAsk on my sales page made me rethink how I have been using it on my website home page
•And, of course, a quick tutorial on how to set up VideoAsk for a landing page or in an email.

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