Create your own "Google" for your course or membership site content


You’ve put your heart and soul into creating the PERFECT course, membership and/or coaching program for your ideal client.
Your content is FULL of value and, in addition to your core content, you do Q&A calls or masterminds, providing recordings for their reference.
But then, the support issues pop up…
“How do I…?”
“I know we covered this, but I can’t find/remember how to do [insert }”
“Last week, you mentioned [insert something that you’ve said multiple times], but I can’t remember exactly what you said. Can you go over that again?”
What if you didn’t have to keep repeating yourself or spend time that you really don’t have to respond to the same question over and over again?

Meet Searchie: the world’s first search engine for your video (AND audio) content
Searchie can automatically:
Organize and index video or audio content
Create transcriptions that can be downloaded in multiple formats (TXT, SRT or CSV)
Create captions to comply with accessibility best practices
Share and embed audio and video content
Search by keyword inside video and audio content (your own video Google!)
On Thursday at 10 am Pacific, you’ll learn:
• How I use Searchie for my members and how it cuts down on repetitive questions like “How do I…?
• How I use Searchie for coaching clients so they always have a record of what was discussed and their next steps
• How you can use the transcription and captioning options to provide your content in multiple ways for each style of consumption
• How Searchie can become a lead magnet that will have people signing up in droves for access to your wisdom!
• The NEW Searchie feature that is about to blow the lid off how your membership content is customized for each member and delivered “Netflix-style”


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