Turn Your Data into Dollars:

Discover the Power of Marketing Analytics
and Skyrocket Your Sales Results

The Key Numbers You MUST Understand to Scale Your Business
and How to Collect and Track Them


Does this Sound Like You?

  • "Why didn't I hit my goal on this last launch?"
  • "Why can't I easily tell where my traffic is coming from?"
  • "I spend SO much time creating content, but I can't tell what my audience is really responding to!"
  • "One hundred people clicked on the link in my email, but only 3 people purchased my course. How do I figure out why more people didn't buy???"

Sometimes trying to sell your offers is like sending it off into a black hole. You have no visibility into what is happening, so you feel stuck with no options to course correct.

How would it feel...

  • ... to pull up the analytics during a launch, understand what's happening (or NOT happening) and be able to course-correct on the fly to squeeze out more sales before the deadline?
  • ... to create your launch projections with actual data and hit your "Best" goal, because you knew exactly what you had to do to hit it?
  • ... understand where your traffic is coming from and what content resonates with them, so you can double down on the platforms that work and quit wasting your time posting and praying?

Imagine this...

You're not just making your marketing decisions based on gut feeling anymore, but you're utilizing hard data that's telling you exactly what's working and what isn't. That’s the power of mastering your marketing analytics—it provides a solid foundation for growth, which only a data-driven approach can offer.

In this mini course, I’ll cover:

  • The key metrics that help you know what you need to do to increase your conversions
  • How to use these key metrics to analyze your promotions and launches and make strategic decisions on what to do if you’re not getting the results you want
  • How to use external tools to track and analyze your data, so that you can monitor and project realistic numbers for your next launch

By mastering your marketing analytics, you're not just understanding numbers—you're gaining insight into the mindset and actions of your customers. Data is the guidebook to your business success. 

Hi, I'm Deanna Fenton...

I jumped on Kajabi as a Founder back in 2015, and absolutely fell in love with the platform.

 Now I help experts like you learn to build a profitable business on Kajabi without the tech overwhelm and frustration!

One of the things that I see that frustrates Kajabi users is not understanding their numbers.

Now, I am not talking about your financials (although knowing those numbers is important too!)

I am talking about things like:

  • Your conversion rates on a landing page
  • Referral traffic (where your vistors are coming from)
  •  How well is your funnel performing compared to industry averages?

Honestly, I blame a lot of the internet "gurus" out there that sell programs that promise "6 figure launches" without explaining what kind of numbers contribute to that kind of success.

In addition, no one talks about how to research your analytics to troubleshoot an underperforming launch or how to identify where your traffic come from, so that you can react appropriately rather than a "spray and pray" strategy on social media.

This mini course will explain the numbers you need to track and how to interpret them. Also, exactly WHERE you can find these numbers through free, or low cost, tools

I can hear you now…

“But, Deanna! I am not good with numbers! They make my head hurt!!”

Believe me, I totally understand! In high school I got sent to the remedial math class after failing algebra.

But, when numbers can tell you a story that helps you to improve your business, it’s time to get over it!

No more wondering, guessing or beating yourself up because something may not have worked.

The numbers don’t lie, and they leave clues...

Module 1 -
Introduction to Analytics

More than just a “welcome to this course”, we’ll dive deep into just “WHY” analytics are so key for an online business. In addition, how to understand the terminology so you are looking for the right data in the right place

Module 2 -
What Should We Track?

Beyond such things as “vanity metrics” such as the number of Instagram followers or distorted metrics, like email open rates, there are some very key numbers that you should be monitoring.

Module 3 - Google Analytics

Yes, Kajabi has their own analytics, but I don’t recommend them. Google Analytics is the recommended tool and it has gone through a major upgrade recently. Don’t have a free Google Analytics account? There is a step by step tutorial on how to set up your account and connect it to your Kajabi site.

Module 4 - Using Analytics to Troubleshoot your Funnels

With an understanding of the metrics we can track and the tools to be able to gather the data, now it’s time to use them to collect and analyze our funnels to be able to diagnose and test to increase your conversions.


Master Your
Marketing Analytics

Stop guessing and start gathering and analyzing the data to build and scale your online business!

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