Join Kajabi Coaching Week
with Deanna Fenton

All Your Kajabi Questions Answered
(plus a few you never knew you had!)

Starting Monday, September 27th through Friday, October 1st,
join me in my first ever open Coaching Week!

Get all the awesome benefits that I've only shared
with my paid membership!

Yes, I want free coaching!

What Is Kajabi Coaching Week?

It's not a challenge...

Probably the last thing you need is more content to consume and a week's worth of stuff to do that might not even address your most pressing Kajabi issue RIGHT NOW.

So, instead of creating a bunch of tasks for you, how about a fun, casual, drop in experience where you get direct answers and support to tick off tasks that you've had on your "to do" list for a while.


It's a week of resources and answers that you need, right now

Coaching week is a chance to ask questions to help you make forward progress with your Kajabi site, just like members of the Kajabi Flight Crew Club. 

Q&A calls answer the challenges that you have, so you can move forward in creating your website, crafting your product or building that Pipeline.

Training sessions show you the behind the scenes of an actual launch, how it's planned and built out, step by step in Kajabi. 


What Is Kajabi Coaching Week?

Free Training

Learn some of my best tricks and hacks (nothing like what they teach you in Kajabi help) to get what you need out of Kajabi FAST!

Live Q&A Calls!

Find out what my members rave about as we hold open Q&A calls on Zoom AND in the Facebook group. We'll chat and screen share and address any of your burning questions.

Member Spotlights

Hear from Kajabi users just like you on how they've been able to build their courses and membership on Kajabi

Still Trying to Decide if Kajabi is for You?

I've got you covered...

I will be including daily "Kajabi Fundamentals" training in the group
to cover the most common questions that people have about using Kajabi.

Questions like:
"Can I move my website to Kajabi?"
"Can I use Kajabi for my email marketing?"
"How does Kajabi compare to having everything on WordPress?"
"Can I build a funnel on Kajabi?"
"What ELSE can I use it for?"

PLUS, you will receive my best referral bonuses
if you sign up for Kajabi during Coaching Week,
including a 30 day free trial and tools to help you get setup fast!

Meet Your Kajabi Coach!

Hi, I'm Deanna Fenton. And, while I would qualify as one of those "techie" people, even I STRUGGLED with Kajabi when I first signed up as a Founder nearly 6 years ago! I kid you not...

I remembered working with a friend (who also had bought Kajabi) and trying to map out the flow on a huge whiteboard in her dining room. And we BOTH owned WordPress marketing agencies!

I really do feel your pain if you've been struggling to figure out how Kajabi can help you to build, market, launch and scale your courses and/or memberships, and help you to achieve those big goals for your business. 

That's why I created my membership, the Kajabi Flight Crew Club, and, for the first time,  I am opening the doors to the membership to everyone who has questions on everything Kajabi and digital marketing.

Unlike a lot of Kajabi experts, I don't just use Kajabi just on other people's projects, I use it to create my OWN courses and memberships, just like you. And I have cracked the code on how to use it to reach my business goals.

So, I'm inviting you to join us for Coaching Week and get your questions answered!

Yes, I want to join Coaching Week!

Free Kajabi help, and winning fun prizes sounds great to me!

Yes, I want free coaching!
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