Does Tech Stop You in Your Tracks?

I'm here to help...

Overwhelmed and frustrated with all the “techie” things you need to do in your business and you just want to hire someone else to do it?

Believe me, I get it...

But, let me ask you, what happens when that VA you hired to build your sales page disappears on you?


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As a marketer first and technology person second (I have actually been called the Goddess of Geekdom by some and I THINK they meant it as a compliment) my goal is to emphasize that technology is a tool for effective marketing and to show nonprofits and small business owners precisely how to harness the power of online marketing for their own success.  Confused about how to get started with you website? Baffled by SEO? Totally overwhelmed by Google Ads? Well, I help you weed through the hype and confusion to bring clarity and strategy to your organization.

Some Random Facts about Me...

I am happily married to the long-suffering Bob and I'm one cat away from being a crazy cat lady. I love wine, travel, Pilates, and my beautiful home in El Dorado Hills, CA

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